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Dear students,
A warm welcome to all computer science undergraduate and graduate students as you get ready for the ’20-’21 academic year! While the start of this school year is unlike any other we have previously seen, I am writing to let you know that all faculty members are ready to welcome you to their online classes starting September 1. While we will all miss the personal interaction that is only possible in an in-person setting, please know that all instructors have been preparing for fully online instruction through the summer and intend to deliver the best possible learning experience for all of you. You will find below a table that lists all Computer Science lecture classes for Fall ’20, along with the teaching format, as well as the Course Management System (Canvas or Sakai) that each course will be using. As soon as each professor’s course site goes live, you will receive a notification informing you of its availability. 
Wishing all of you a great semester!
-Suneeta Ramaswami
Course number Course title Instructor Online format CMS
50:198:111 Programming Fundamentals Shende Synchronous Canvas
50:198:113 Object Oriented Programming Ramaswami Synchronous Canvas
50:198:171 Math Foundations of Computer Science Gandhi Synchronous Canvas
50:198:211 C and Unix Systems Programming Dehzangi Synchronous Canvas
50:198:213 Data Structures Kortsarz Asynchronous Canvas
50:198:331 Computer Organization Hynes Synchronous Canvas
50:198:335 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Patarcity Synchronous Sakai
50:198:371 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Gandhi Synchronous Canvas
50:198:423/56:198:523 Software Engineering Egen Synchronous Sakai
50:198:451/56:198:551 Database Systems Lun Synchronous Sakai
50:198:475/56:198:575 Cryptography and Computer Security Kortsarz Asynchronous Canvas


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