The Department of Computer Science offers two graduate programs:


Master of Science
in Computer Science (M.S.)

A concentration in Scientific Computing is designed to prepare students for careers in data-intensive scienceengineering, or finance fields.

Master of Business and Science
in Applied Computing (M.B.S)

Geared toward students or professionals with a science or engineering background, seeking professional training in computing skills that are most applicable in industry.


Graduate Program Learning Goals

Upon completion of M.S. in Computer Science, our students will:

  • Have a strong foundation in numerical, combinatorial, and parallel/distributed algorithms and an understanding of their broad application to multi-disciplinary science and technology
  • Develop competencies in analysis and design of software for diverse computational problems
  • Be able to apply analytical and problem-solving skills toward multi-disciplinary research and development
  • Demonstrate learning skills that can sustain further study, which is self-directed or autonomous