A computer science student may use work experience from an internship to count towards elective credits in the major. Internships may be arranged in one of several ways: directly by the student, through the Career Center, or via opportunities that are advertised by the department. The student must receive a formal written offer of an internship from an employer to be able to register for Computer Science Internship (50:198:497 for undergraduates and 56:198:697 for graduate students)


Why do an internship

An internship can be a great way to get work experience while also making progress towards completing your degree requirements. Furthermore, an internship frequently results in a full-time employment offer upon graduation. Some examples of employers of recent student internships are Lockheed Martin, Vanguard, ASRC Federal, Subaru of America, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, goEmerchant, Camden County (Division of IT), Flatiron Health, and FedEx.

Eligibility requirements

Undergraduate students must be full-time students during the time of the internship and must have successfully completed the four core courses 198:111, 198:113, 198:171, and 198:213.  Up to 3 credits may be used to count towards computer science elective credit requirements. The student must work at least 300 hours in the internship (e.g., 15 weeks at 20 hours/week) to receive 3 credits. The work to be done during the internship must be in the field of computer science.

How to register for CS Internship

Students must obtain approval from the Department to gain credit for an internship. For undergraduate students, please contact the Department Chair; for graduate students, please contact the Graduate Program Director. To obtain approval, students must submit an official letter from the sponsoring organization. In the letter, the sponsoring organization should state (1) to whom this internship is offered; (2) the time period and total hours for the internship; (3) the tasks the intern will carry out; and (4) the supervisor for the intern.

Once an internship is approved by the department, the student must register for 50:198:497 (undergraduate) or 56:198:697 (graduate) by the registration deadline for the semester or summer in which the internship is current. 

At the end of the semester, students will receive a letter grade (A – F) for their internship based on an evaluation letter submitted to the Department from the internship supervisor.