The vital importance of computer and network security to private and public employees in the US has created a great need for trained professionals with knowledge about the fundamentals of cybersecurity. By offering a Cybersecurity Certificate, the Computer Science Department at Rutgers-Camden aims to contribute to the talent pipeline in the field of cybersecurity.

Computer Science majors that complete all four courses below with a grade of C or better will receive a “Cybersecurity Certificate” designation on their transcript, as well as a certificate of completion from the department.

Students who are not CS majors can also obtain the Certificate, provided they first pass all the (direct and indirect) prerequisites of the Certificate courses with a grade of C or better.



Completed the coursework?

Students must fulfill the above coursework requirements, then fill out the Cybersecurity Certificate Completion Form to have the certificate credentials added to their official Rutgers transcripts. Visit to submit this to the department.