All computer science courses at the 300- or 400-level offered by the department and approved courses offered by the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers–New Brunswick may be taken to satisfy elective credit requirements for the major and the minor.

These courses cover all major areas of specialized study in computer science, including computer architecture, operating systems, computational biology, data mining, database systems, distributed systems, computer graphics, numerical methods, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence.  

Courses outside the department (i.e. course codes not beginning with 50:198) may require special permission from the instructor prior to registration. Courses not listed below may be approved for elective credit on an individual basis by the Department Chair.  At most three credits from 50:198:494 and 50:198:497, and at most 12 credits from 50:198:493-497, may be taken for elective credit.

Camden College of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts and Sciences–New Brunswick

Natural Science Electives

The following courses may be taken as natural science elective courses for computer science majors. Other natural sciences courses may be approved on an individual basis by the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

  • 50:120:101 General Biology I
  • 50:120:107 General Biology I Laboratory
  • 50:120:222 Computers in Biology
  • Any 50:120 course that requires 50:120:101 as a prerequisite
  • 50:160:103 General, Organic, and Biochemistry I (does not count if 50:160:115 is taken)
  • 50:160:115 Chemical Principles I
  • 50:160:127 Chemical Principles Laboratory I
  • 50:160:327 Forensic: Methods and Techniques
  • 50:160:328 Forensic: Methods and Techniques Laboratory
  • Any 50:160 course that requires 50:160:103 or 50:160:115 as a prerequisite
  • 50:460:121 Planet Earth I
  • 50:460:122 Planet Earth II
  • 50:750:233 Electric Circuits I
  • 50:750:235 Electric Circuits II
  • 50:750:235 Electric Circuits Laboratory I
  • 50:750:236 Electric Circuits Laboratory II
  • 50:750:253 Mechanics I
  • 50:750:254 Mechanics II
  • 50:750:304 Introduction to Astrophysics
  • Any 50:750 course that requires 50:750:132 as a prerequisite

Natural Science Electives for the Bachelor of Arts only

The following courses may be taken as natural science elective courses for students in the bachelor of arts program, but do not count as natural science electives for students in the bachelor of science program.

  • 50:100:305 Observational Astronomy
  • 50:100:306 Descriptive Astronomy
  • 50:120:103 Biology of Cancer
  • 50:120:105 The Facts of Life
  • 50:120:106 Human Reproduction and Development
  • 50:120:110 Biology of Disease
  • 50:120:127 Principles of Biology (does not count if 50:120:101 is taken)
  • 50:120:201 Basic Botany
  • 50:120:202 Understanding Environmental Problems
  • 50:160:101 Consumer Chemistry
  • 50:160:102 Chemistry of Nutrition
  • 50:160:120 Art and Chemistry: Beautiful Together
  • 50:460:101 Introduction to the Earth (does not count if 50:460:121 or 50:460:122 is taken)
  • 50:750:103 Is the Universe Elegant?
  • 50:750:131 Elements of Physics I
  • 50:750:132 Elements of Physics II
  • 50:750:133 Introductory Physics Laboratory I
  • 50:750:134 Introductory Physics Laboratory II
  • 50:750:203 General Physics I (does not count if 50:750:131 is taken)
  • 50:750:204 General Physics II (does not count if 50:750:132 is taken)
  • 50:750:321 Physics of Music
  • 50:750:322 3D Printing
  • 50:750:374 Energy and Environment
  • Any course listed in the course catalog as “for nonscience majors”