The Computer Science Department started the Research Academy in Fall 2014. Students interested in research can participate in research in computer science during their undergraduate studies at Rutgers-Camden.

Students who are part of this academy have an opportunity to study advanced courses early on in their studies at Rutgers-Camden. Through these courses the students will be trained to do research and soon will get an opportunity to do research with the faculty in the CS department. Doing research as an undergraduate will help students find jobs as well as make them attractive for admissions into graduate schools.

Several computer science students from Rutgers-Camden have been admitted to top graduate programs. Eligible students may also receive financial support. Students’ academic performance (not necessarily just their GPA) and need will be taken into account when making financial support decisions.

How to Apply

Interested students must submit an application before February 1 to be part of the academy starting in the following fall semester.

For the application, students must submit the following documents electronically to the Director of the Research Academy, Professor Rajiv Gandhi.

  1. Transcript (unofficial is fine).
  2. A letter of recommendation from a CS faculty member.